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Unleash the Adventure in Niseko Ski Resort! 


Niseko, the ultimate destination for powder seekers and adventure enthusiasts! With Japan's finest powder, locals call it "Diamond Dust" as it sparkles in the sunlight, creating a mesmerizing wonderland. Imagine the magic as 15 meters of snow blanket the slopes every winter, delivering an exhilarating experience in Niseko, season after season!


Embrace 4 Enchanting Ski Areas 


Niseko boasts four breathtaking ski areas: Annupuri, Village, Hirafu, and Hanazono. Thrilling runs, stunning vistas, and snow-packed adventures await you. Nestled in Hirafu and Niseko Village, a plethora of accommodations cater to every taste. Experience the cozy charm of self-contained cabins, the luxury of hotels like Niseko Hilton and Greenleaf, and the vibrant hostel vibe.


Seamless Connections, Limitless Fun 


The resorts are intertwined by ski runs and the Niseko United bus network, making exploration a breeze! The United lift pass ensures you access to all four areas. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the diverse terrain guarantees thrilling slopes for everyone. Don't miss the exhilarating backcountry, accessible through the resort gates, and with safety as our top priority, they may close in adverse conditions.


Nightlife, Cuisine, and Memories! 


Niseko turns into a vibrant wonderland after the sun sets! Enjoy Hokkaido's best nightlife and savor an array of delectable dishes at our top-notch restaurants. Hirafu comes alive with après-ski festivities, perfect for thrill-seekers craving unforgettable experiences. Meanwhile, Niseko Village offers a serene escape while indulging in diverse dining options, away from the bustling crowds.

Ready for an unforgettable escape? Pack your gear and set off to Niseko, where the magic of Japan's powder paradise awaits! 

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Niseko Landmark View

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Facilities & Attractions

Tourist attractions and the latest trendy spots.

Let experienced guides lead you to the best kept secret spots out in the back-country or enjoy a guided trip to neighbouring resorts for a change of sc

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, visitors of all ages can experience a host of other exhilarating activities in Niseko such as snowmobile adventures, sn

The Hokkaido Resort Liner has a range of options to travel around Hokkaido to help you get to and from Hokkaido resorts, airports and major cities.

In winter, Lake Toya is recommended for activities that allow you to play snow and a hot spring that warms your cold body. They introduce the infinity

With around 100 restaurants and bars, it’s the best of any ski resort in Japan, Unlike other parts of Hokkaido Niseko has a swinging nightlife scene fo

Niseko United is comprised of four resorts(Niseko HANAZOBI Ski Resort, Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort, Niseko Village Ski Resort, Niseko Annupuri Ski A

As you would expect, Niseko is also known for its onsen which are traditional heated Japanese baths. These make the perfect place to come after a lo

Niseko shopping is reasonably good and Niseko is pretty much the only ski resort in Japan where there is a decent range of ski and snowboard gear. T

Shiribetsu-Dake is just a short drive from the Niseko area making heli skiing in Niseko the perfect highlight to your powder holiday. There are few

Mount Yōtei 1,898 meter is an active stratovolcano located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Hokkaidō, Japan. It is also called Yezo Fuji or Ezo Fuji, "E

 It is surrounded by the Shikotsu national park and is only 90 minutes drive from the New Chitose airport. The Rusutsu resort receives an avera

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  • Best Time to Visit
  • How to Reach Niseko
  • Resorts & City Guide
  • Pros & Cons
  • March - May
  • The temparature starts to rise around March, but you can still enjoy spring skiing until the end of Golden week and Niseko spring ski is the perfect combination of the slopes, snow quality and scenery. Golf season starts in mid May.
  • Average Weather: Max 9.2°C | Min 0.4°C
  • June - Mid-September
  • The temperature can reach 6° C for a few days but the average maximum temperature is about 9° C. Humidity is low, it will not be sweaty heat. Lakeside hiking, camping and rafting are the best choice.
  • Weather: Max 22.6° C | Min 14.6° C
  • September - November
  • Mt Yotei and Annupuri turns red. Mountains are covered with golden grass leaves are beautiful. They are famous among mountain climbers and trekkers. The autumn leave on Mt. Yotei are short and end quickly.


  • Weather: Max 14.5° C | Min 5.7° C


  • December - February
  • Ski season starts in late November to around early December. It is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in the world, snow is high quality. There are no many days you can see the blue sky, if you are lucky enough to hit a nice day, you will have a scenery of Mt. Yotei clearly.


  • Weather: Max -0.8° C | Min -8.3° C

By Air

Access to Niseko for international and domestic travellers is best via New Chitose Airport which is about 3 hours by resort liner from Niseko.

By Train

You can access Niseko via train from New Chitose Airport or from Sapporo city via Otaru and then on a local train to Kutchan which is 15 minutes via taxi to Niseko Hirafu, the journey takes approx.2.5 hours.

By Car

Travelling to Niseko by car from New Chitose Airport will take approx 2 hours.

By Bus

The resort liner servicer in Hokkaido or the Chuo bus service from Sapporo runs regularly to and from Niseko and the journey will take approx 3 hours.

By Private Transfer

Private transfers can be arranged from New Chitose Airport for as few as 1 person in a private car or up to 40 people with a bus charter. 

Below are some PDF tourist maps to help you navigate and enjoy your time at Niseko

Niseko United Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Grand Hirafu Area Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere


  • Diamond Dust i.e. dry sparkling Japan powder snow is plentiful in Niseko with over 15 metres falling on average every season
  • 4 connected resorts on one pass, you will not get bored here there is plenty of variety of terrain for all ski and snowboard levels
  • Large side country and back country areas available through gates in the resort for intermediate and advanced skiers and borders
  • There is a wide array of accommodation to suits all types and budgets including 5,4,3 and 2 star Hotels, self-contained apartments, resort houses and hostels
  • Ski Schools and Kids Clubs are available with a number of options based on where you are staying, English speaking group and private lessons, Niseko is well suited to English speaking customers and they also offer lessons, in French, Spanish, Mandarin and German
  • Variety of activities such as Cat Skiing, day tours and Pamper packages plenty to do in Niseko or Plenty of relaxation options when you just want to be looked after


  • Niseko can be busy especially the Hirafu lifts on weekends and peak season over New Years  and Chinese new year period
  • Niseko is a large international resorts so you won't get that authentic Japanese village experience that you will find in some other resorts in Japan
  • Access across all 4 resorts on an average day in winter via lifts can be touch and go as the snow and wind is constant and often the top lifts are closed in these peak snow times
  • Niseko is expensive in peak new year, Chinese new year and peak powder periods so it's best to avoid these times if you can

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