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Shiga Kogen lies in Nagano Prefecture within easy reach of Tokyo. The resort forms the heart of the Joshinetsu National Park with Shiga’s base sitting around 1400m above sea level and then rises a further 1000m above the base making it the highest ski resort area in Japan.


Secluded, beautiful and vast are three superlatives that come to mind when describing Shiga Kogen. It's higher elevation promises colder conditions and dryer powder which rivals Niseko and other resorts in Hokkaido (Japan's Northern Island) meanwhile promising less crowds and a more authentic Japanese experience.


Shiga Kogen is well suited for beginner, intermediate or advanced skiers and snowboarders with plenty of variety of trails over the 600 hectares the resort has to offer. Shiga has 18 interconnected ski areas on the one all mountain pass, making it Asia’s largest resort - with something for everyone. Shiga Kogen was also home to ski and snowboard slalom events during the 1998 Winter Olympic events.


Backcountry gates are now available in the Okushiga Kogen area of Shiga so those that want to experience challenging off piste terrains it can also find it here.


Amongst the 18 ski areas there are 5 main bases Ichinose, Okushiga, Yakebitaiyama, Giant and Sun Valley. Ichinose is the biggest with over 20 hotels as well as bars and restaurants to enjoy, while Yakebitaiyama is the closest to Ichinose and home to the Prince group of hotels, Okushiga is close by as well and offers a great international ski school, while Giant and Sun Valley have around 10 hotels each.


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Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel West Wing

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Facilities & Attractions

Tourist attractions and the latest trendy spots.

Shiga Kogen Family Friendly Activity Area

Located directly in front of the Prince Hotel West Wing, the Yakebitaiyama Family Snow Park is open from mid-December until late-March.   Of

Teppa Room
Shiga Kogen Restaurants and Bars

Shiga Kogen Ski resort area is not home to a large variety of bars and restaurants so if you are after a different dining experience every night. The o

Snowmobiles in Shiga Kogen

Snow mobiles are often used in Shiga Kogen’s heavy-snow area for patrolling up in the mountains or for rescue purposes. The snow mobile is also used in

Nagano VIP Shuttle
Nagano VIP Shuttle Service

Nagano VIP Transfer is a flexible door to door service that can be booked as a shared service or a private charter for small groups and families. Book

Nagano Snow Shuttle
Nagano Snow Shuttle

Nagano Snow Shuttle is a convenience daily shuttle bus from Narita or Haneda Airport to all major ski resorts around the Nagano and Niigata ski resort

Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey

The world-famous wild monkey park is situated in Yamanouchi Town in Nagano Prefecture. There is a daily shuttle that departs Akakura Onsen. The park

Shibu Onsen
Shibu Onsen

The historic village was once frequented by samurai, wandering poets and travellers to rest and recuperate. And who could blame them, with legend sayin

  • How to Reach Shiga Kogen
  • Resorts & City Guide

By Air

The closest airport is Matsumoto, an hour and a half away by train, however Shiga Kogen is most easily accessed via Tokyo or Osaka airports.

By Train

The closest train station to Shiga Kogen is Kudanaka station at the base of the Joshinetsu national park, however this is a local train and not very regular.  The more common way to reach Shiga Kogen is by bullet train to Nagano or Iiyama Station and then a linked bus transfer to Shiga Kogen of about 45 minutes to an hour.

By Car

Getting to Shiga Kogen is very easy with out the aid of a car, and as Shiga Kogen is Japans Largest connected resort in Japan there is no need for a car once you are there.  If you do plan to hire a car it is best to do so from Nagano Shinkansen Station, from there it is an hours drive to Shiga Kogen.

By Bus

There are multiple direct buses from Osaka and Tokyo daily, as well as direct airport Transfers from both Tokyo airports, (Narita and Haneda) which can all be booked in advance.  There is also a regular direct buses from Nagano Shinkansen Station as well and resort transfer buses to Madarao, Hakuba Valley, Myoko Kogen and Nozawa Onsen amongst others.

By Private Transfer

There are also private taxi options from Osaka and Tokyo as well as Matsumoto station or Nagano station.

Below are some PDF tourist maps to help you navigate and enjoy your time in Shiga Kogen.

All Mountain Ski Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Main Area Ski Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Okushiga Ski Area Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Yakebitaiyama Ski Area Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Kumanoyu Ski Area Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Yokoteyama Ski Area Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Shiga Kogen Info Guide Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

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