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Tokyo is the capital of Japan.Tokyo forms part of the Kantō region on the southeastern side of Japan's main island, Honshu, and includes the Izu and Ogasawara Islands.


Originally a small fishing village named Edo, the city became a prominent political center of Japan when Shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu made the city his headquarters in 1603. When Emperor Meiji moved the imperial seat to the city from Kyoto in 1868, Edo was renamed Tokyo, literally "the Eastern Capital".The Tokyo Metropolis formed in 1943 from the merger of the former Tokyo Prefecture (Tōkyō-fu) and the city of Tokyo (Tōkyō-shi). While commonly referred to as a city, Tokyo is a collective entity of multiple smaller municipalities, including 23 special wards and various bed towns in the western area.


Modern Tokyo is categorized as an alpha+ city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. As of 2019, the population of Tokyo was estimated to be over 13.9 million, making it Japan's most populous prefecture.The metropolitan area is the world's most populous with over 38 million people as well as the world's largest urban agglomeration economy. As of 2011, Tokyo hosted 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest number of any city in the world at that time.The city ranked sixth on the Global Financial Centres Index of 2019.Along with an advanced economy, Tokyo often ranks high among the most expensive cities for expatriates.


Tokyo is a major cultural hub and an international trendsetter in the arts, entertainment, gastronomy, and media. The Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world. The city has hosted multiple international events, including the Summer Olympics (1964), the G7 Summit (1979, 1986, and 1993), and will host the 2021 Summer Olympics and the 2021 Summer Paralympics. Tokyo is a leading center for research and development, represented by various universities, most notably the University of Tokyo.

Facilities & Attractions

Tourist attractions and the latest trendy spots.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.9 meters, it is the second-tallest

Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010 and reached its full height of


Akihabara is a district in central Tokyo that is famous for its many electronics shops. In more recent years, Akihabara has gained recognitio

Edo-Tokyo Museum
Edo-Tokyo Museum

The museum opened in March 1993 to preserve Edo's cultural heritage, and features city models of Edo and Tokyo between 1590 (just prior to th

Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades Tokyo Disneyland is a five minute walk from JR Maiha


Ginza is Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department store, boutiques, art galleries, resta


Shinjuku is one of the 23 city wards of  Tokyo, but the name commonly refers to just the large entertainment, business and shopping area around Sh


Sensō-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. A shopping street of over 200 meters, called Nakamise, leads from the


 It is the center of Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles, but also offers shopping for adults and some historic sights. Just

Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji Outer Market

The wholesale market of Tsukiji Market, which was also known as the "inner market" and was famous for its tuna auctions, closed on October 6, 2018 and

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in the Chiyoda district of the Chiyoda wa


Roppongi is well known as the city's most popular nightlift district among foreigners, offering a large number of foreigner friendly bars, restaur

Meiji Jingu
Meiji Jingu

Meiji Shrine, is a Shinto shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo, that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. Located jus

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By Air

Tokyo has two major Airports, Narita to the north of the city and Handea on the south side of Tokyo bay.

Both Airport are easily accesable by bus and train and are both about 1hr from the city centre.

By Train

Tokyo is the a center point of the comprehensive Japan Rail System, Tokyo and Shinjuku being amongst the largest stations globally.

From Tokyo it is easy to reach any major city of Japan direct via bullet train.

By Car

Despite the size of tokyo it is quite easy to navigate the relatively unconjested road network, although parking can be a real issue.

There is a substaintial toll road nework throughout Japan that makes it quick and effective to travel via car, all be it a little expensive.

By Bus

The bus netwok much like the train network is very comprehensive. The Major bus terminal in the heart of tokyo is called Shinjuku East Bus Terminal, from here you can bus to pretty much anywhere in Japan.

By Private Transfer

Chou Taxi is the largest taxi company in Japan offering a range of services from regular taxi to private direct airport pick ups and drop offs.

Below are some PDF tourist maps to help you navigate and enjoy your time in Tokyo city.

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