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Lotte Arai Ski Resort is situated on Mount Okenashi in the Niigata Prefecture of Honshu, only 21 kilometres north of Myoko Kogen. It's not far away from the coast of Japan and roughly 50 kilometres from Nagano city. 



Japan’s newest and most luxurious destination resort - Lotte Ari is an integrated resort with restaurants, bars, cafes, day spa and onsen. The resort offers 4 and 5-star luxury ski in and ski out accommodation.



Lotte Arai has a large ski area with something for everyone and is suitable for all abilities, with a major drawcard being it's off piste areas. Lotte Arai features a very impressive 951 metres of vertical terrain, with the opportunity for advanced riders to hike the ridge-line of Mt Okenashi and Mt Kogenashi for over 1000 metres of vertical terrain.



The size of the skiable terrain at Lotte Arai is officially 197 hectares including the 12 off piste zones, but it feels much bigger than that! However, there are only 11 dedicated courses with 25% of them being dedicated to beginners, 45% to intermediates and 30% to advanced skiers and snowboarders.



At the base of the mountain lies the impressive Lotte Arai Resort Hotel, providing luxurious accommodation. The resort consists of adjacent buildings which overlook the ski base station, The 4 star Lotte Arai Resort and The 5 star Lodge, Club and Nest buildings which offer deluxe western style suite style accommodation.

Facilities & Attractions

Tourist attractions and the latest trendy spots.

Japanese Onsen (hot spring) including outside bath is the perfect finish after a big day to relax your body and mind. This Osen spring is collected

There are variety of selections to enjoy shopping during stay at Lotte Arai resort. Hoshizora winery has a fine selection of wines chosen monthly fr

In resort, there are three type of conference halls. "Haneuma" is perfect for variety of events and seminars with capacity of 110 people. “Semina

Myoko Kogen is a ski area that is rich in history, founded in the 1930's the area is famous for its inviting and warm hospitality. Located in Niigat

There are a couple of Sake brewery around Myoko region, which around 40 minutes's drive away from Lotte Arai. Niigata is one of Japan's historic and fa

View the ruins of Castle Takada, built during the Edo period for Matsudaira Tadateru, Tokugawa Ieyasu’s sixth son. It locates in the heart of Joetsu Ci

For parents who need to have their own time for skiing and snowboarding, Kids Room will look after children aged from 2 to 6 years old. Morning from 8a

  • Best Time to Visit
  • How to Reach Lotte Arai
  • Resorts & City Guide
  • Pros & Cons
  • Spring (March - May)
  • Due to the overwhelming amount of snowfall, trees are buried, and in the avalanche terrain, which has the image of gliding over trees, you can enjoy the natural terrain until mid-May
  • Ave Weather: Max 13.8°C | Min 2.2°C

  • Summer (June - August)
  • Anyone can fully enjoy the nature of Mt Omomu. When you reach to the summit by gondola, you will see a magnificent view of Mt. Omom. Activities such as ziplining, tubing, bouldering, and trampoline 
  • Ave Weather: Max 28.1°C | Min 19.5°C

  • AUTUMN (September - November)
  • ‌ In the middle of October, the autumn leaves reach their peak and you can feel the autumn season even more.
  • Ave Weather: Max 20.5° C | Min 11.3° C

  • WINTER (December - February)
  • ‌‌ The resort usually opens around in the middle of December. It's not just skiing and snowboarding. There is a winter activity plan that people who don't ski can enjoy playing in the snow.
  • Ave Weather: Max 6.8° C | Min -1° C


By Air

Access for international travellers is best through Narita or Haneda in Tokyo, there is an international airport in Niigata which services some major Asian hubs as well as a smaller airport in Toyama which handles domestic flights from cities in Japan.

By Train

Access via Shinkansen to Joetsu Myoko on the Hokuriku Shinkansen embarking from Tokyo or Kanazawa in the south and passing through Nagano City, the Shinkansen takes approx. 1 hr 45 mins from Tokyo or 60 mins from Kanazawa.  There is a free shuttle bus from Joetsu Myoko Station to the resort.

By Car

Lotte Arai can be reached via car from Major Cities, however it is a long drive of over 4 hours from Tokyo or Osaka. Cars can be hired from Nagano City, Toyama or Niigata and expressway toll roads make driving convenient from these cities.

By Bus

Nagano Snow Shuttle operates to Myoko Kogen from there are taxi or private transfer can be arranged to Lotte Arai


By Private Transfer

Private or Shared VIP transfers can be arranged from Narita or Haneda Airport along with Private transfers from Nagano or other resorts in Nagano or Niigata

Below are some PDF tourist maps to help you navigate and enjoy your time at Lotte Arai.

Lotte Arai Course Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere


  • 15+ meters of snow every season makes Lotte Arai one of the highest snow fall regions in Japan
  • Luxury accommodation with all services, restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping located within easy reach of your room
  • International Ski School for adults and kids including group and private lessons
  • Kids Club for young skiers to learn as well as a Kids creche for younger kids and a tubing course make this a great family friendly resort
  • Gondola and lifts infrastructure  is impressive for a medium sized resort, the base station is right outside the hotel dying room exists and the roomy Gondola leaves from this station or a beginner lift just outside is also available
  • With a small hike the adventurous can access some excellent side country bowls and tree runs also van be accessed easily within the resort from the existing lifts or gondolas
  • The off piste ungroomed runs are world class and there are plenty of variety of options for intermediate and advanced skiers as you make your way down the 951 meters of vertical terrain within the resort


  • Limited Dining options available however there is a nightly bus to local restaurants to expand your cuisine opportunities
  • Nightlife is limited to 2 bars and the karaoke rooms
  • Limited groomed intermediate terrain so intermediate skiers who don't want to go off piste might find the resort a little limited

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